Introducing v0.2!

ridesharesThank you for your interest in this rideshare plugin. The Idealien Rideshare plugin creates a custom post type which enables you and your community to get to where you want to go using less gas and having more fun on road trips. It has been designed towards both city-to-city and event-based rideshares so that drivers and passengers co-ordinate their travel plans no matter the type.

The admin form is easy for adding / editing rideshares for those who have access to your sites’ admin console. To make the process as easy for your extended community, this plugin also provides an exceptional Gravity Form to let anyone submit their rideshare request via the front-end of your website.

Version 0.2, released in January 2013, has introduced a LOT of new features including:

  • Filters
    Both by shortcode and querystring for all rideshares. Filter by type, locations, date, vehicle spaces, user and status.
  • Mode
    Rideshares can be submitted for city-to-city travel or event-based.
  • Connection Options
    Users can follow-up on rideshares by email, by comment form via the site and buddyPress messages. They can also delete their rideshares from the site if they’ve found a match.


  1. Follow the super simple installation guide
  2. Look at the shortcode options available to filter / customize how rides are shown on your site
  3. Try it out – Submit a rideshare and then see it in one of the list examples.
  4. Lost? Check out the FAQ for other helpful hints.
  5. Got an idea for a new feature? Explore the feature fodder list – A donation can help make it happen.
  6. Still confused? I’m only ever an email away or others are also able to help via the wonderful WordPress support forum for the plugin.

Mind the dust….
In order to properly document all the new features and how to easily implement / use them I am in the process of re-writing the content for this support site. I expect to be complete by the end of January but life have a habit of getting in the way of passion projects such as this. Please check soon for more detailed info on how this plugin can help you and your community give a ride, get a ride and have fun doing it!